Dream Interpretation 48x72 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Dream Interpretation 48x72

The bright and mysterious aura of this incredible original painting from Ford stirs the soul in a way few paintings can.  Ford created this harmonious night scene with an endless grove of fantastical trees, their byzantine trunks casting soft shadows and beckon the viewer to wander through.  
Balancing the linear arbor, Ford uses his splash technique to infuse the foreground trees with brilliant boughs that seem to call to the distant moon.  The sky is a wondrous show of deep blues and a hint of purple lit from below the horizon, as the sun makes it's descent for the day.  
This is one of Ford's most labor intensive works of art, not only because of it's epic size, but his meticulous and creative hand is evident in every square inch of this painting where you'll discover a new detail with every viewing.  
ready for exhibit with gallery wrapped, 1.5” black painted edges.

Collections: Original Paintings

Category: 48"x72", Horizonal

Type: Original Painting

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