Twilight Sentry 72x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Twilight Sentry 72x48

  "Twilight Sentry" is an epic painting in the truest sense of the  term. Ford's vigilant eye for natural light and how it impacts natural elements is on stunning display. The strong, serpentine trunks and myriad branches on the featured tree pulse with bejeweled color and light play while the skies are alight with a graduated twilight that pledges a perfect tomorrow.

View the sign of civilization glimmering serenely beneath the studied sentry of arbor rows. The magnetic visual journey toward the city lights is paused with each soothing brush and grove of textured greens, teals and soft yellows.

Like an earthbound galaxy, Ford jubilantly applied his invigorating, signature "splash" technique to create the glimmering leaves in the foreground trees and the grasses below. Viewing this modern masterpiece a transportive experience that holds you in awe with it's sweeping splendor and storied details.  

Majestically framed and in the gallery now.

Collections: Original Paintings

Category: 72"x48"

Type: Original Painting

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