Meet Ford & Cristi Smith - Ford Smith Fine Art

Meet Ford & Cristi Smith

Ford and Cristi Smith of Ford Smith Fine Art

Ford and Cristi Smith have been married for over 27 years and have operated Ford Smith Fine Art for the past 20 of them.  This team of art professionals are well-versed in Ford Smith, as well as the professional art industry.
They are co-owners of Ford Smith Fine Art, purveyors of Ford Smith original paintings and publishers of his fine art limited editions sold to collectors and in fine galleries around the world.  Ford's studio is located in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, GA where they offer private studio tours by appointment.  Please contact us directly to schedule a visit!
In their partnership, Ford's job is creating extraordinary art, and Cristi, with her 20-year career as a Fortune 100 retail marketing executive, does everything else.  She is also a masthead editor, columnist and writes for major art industry publications coaching artists, galleries and publishers on art business and marketing strategies.  
As the conventional art world and its boundaries change, the Ford Smith art team evolves with it.  Fueled by thousands of loyal followers and collectors on social media, and the growing acceptance of non-traditional retail sales in nearly every luxury category, this online gallery was created for Ford Smith fans out-of-state and around the world.
 Additionally, Ford Smith's paintings are sold in exclusive fine art galleries with special guest artist appearances and shows in the USA and Canada.  We will keep you informed of when and where Ford will be on our blog and social media.
Our goal is to provide the most focused, informative and personalized art experience you'll find anywhere. It is here that you'll view, learn and love Ford's extraordinary paintings in a way that only the artist (and those closest to him) can make happen.
Thank you for spending this time with us!  Enjoy your visit and we look forward to enlightening you with incredible art and making your dream of owning your own Ford Smith a reality.
Yours in friendship and fabulous art,
Ford and Cristi Smith