Autumn Romance 30x40

It's rare and wonderful when Ford dips back into his own genres, and this new mixed media original painting from Ford is both fresh and nostalgic with it's scattered plaster granules.  Long before he was a published artist of worldwide fame, Ford's paintings were characterized by this painting treatment.  Because the texture is a major component of the art, this painting will likely only exist as the original and will not be published.
"Autumn Romance" is rife with texture and heavy paint, but Ford balances that with soft, feather-light touches that soothe and lighten the wilder dimension.  He masterfully blends, mixes and swirls the paint on the tree trunks with mesmerizing results while the soothing palette is awakened by the lively yellows and golds.  
Enjoy this trip down memory lane as Ford demonstrates how he's further mastered his own style with this exciting, new mixed media work of art.

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