Wayward Birch 24x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Wayward Birch 24x48

With its brilliant explosion of opulent colors, Ford Smith's "Wayward Birch" is a vast, kaleidoscope panorama.  As if conjured from your wildest dreams, flickered splashes sweep across the artful plane with brilliant and carefree complexity.

In this rare night scene from Ford's "Splash" series, you'll witness the silent moon lingering behind Ford's signature birch trees as they glow with other-worldly sapphire blues and frosty whites, exuding a heightened sense of peace and possibilities.  

It's fascinating to see how Ford created this abstract vision that draws the viewer in, then artfully deflects their gaze just moments later.  With these mingling, ethereal expressionist elements, "Wayward Birch" causes us to pause, peer closely ...and listen intently for those momentary glimpses of an alternate reality.