Twilight Embrace - Ford Smith Fine Art

Twilight Embrace

11" x 11"

Hand Signed and Numbered by Ford Smith, Limited Edition Miniature Giclee on Acid Free Art Paper.  

Considered a milestone painting from Ford, "Twilight Embrace" was among the first landscape paintings that depict human life in it's composition.

The distant harbor lights, enclosed between the two tree stands, are evidence of a contented, bustling town along the shore of this enchanting body of water.   The last light of day rises above it, alighting the sky with streaks of shimmering whites and golds against the striking midnight blue skies.   

At silent sentry stands the brilliant duo of tree groves - signature Ford Smith elongated trunks hoist the scarlet plumage into the night sky with graceful contrast.  But it is their waving, dreamy reflections that take center stage in this painting, as Ford abstracts their image in an entirely new direction.  Soothing, undulating ripples distort the scarlet boughs in a fragmented, yet softened fashion.  The grassy, solid shore beneath the trees provides a muted repose against their hypnotic movement.

This painting stimulates the viewers artistic sensibilities instantly, and was destined to become a career highlight from Ford.

Collections: Mini Editions on Paper

Category: 14.75" x 11", Paper

Type: Mini Paper

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