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Sudden Clarity 48x48

Among Ford’s trademark painting techniques, his effervescent “splash” series is one of his personal favorites. Reminiscent of the spontaneity of Pollack, and the concentrated pointellism of Seraut, this painting shimmers with bright energy while evoking a decided warmth and vibrancy with it’s autumnal tones.

But "Sudden Clarity" also embodies several of Ford's classic and current themes. Beginning with the the serpentine tree trunks gracing the foreground in the foreground - replete with vibrant blues, turquoises and browns and the yellow golds that highlight a side lit sun. Co- mingling are the slow, sensual climb of delicate vines caressing their baroque impact, reminiscent of his most recent works.

The random nature of the splashed paint is harnessed with intelligent composition that lends tremendous depth to the landscape, coaxing the viewer gently through the furthest reach of the landscape. The distinct horizon of water and shore lend a sense of order and calm to
the controlled, seeminly random nature of the abstract, splashed leaves. It’s easy to become lost in the thousands of myriad drops of paint, then grounded by the strength and intricacy of the brush work creating the tree trunks and blue skies of this particular day. In
an instant, the viewer can feel the radiant, positive energy that “Sudden Clarity” emotes in Ford’s unique, abstract expressionist way.

The painting is among his most notable works that clearly
demonstrates how no one sees a landscape quite like Ford Smith.

Available as a hand embellished limited edition on canvas (48”x48”) and a miniature limited edition in paper 11”x11”).
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