Stream of Consciousness 36x36 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Stream of Consciousness 36x36

Original Painting in Acrylics on Canvas 36" x 36"

Reflecting the myriad channels, changes, barriers, crashes and joy of life itself, this painting communicates what you can't find words for.
Layers of time and memory churn through this mystical, enchanting stream benevolently guarded by a sentry of white knight trees supported by the sturdy phalanx of geometric rocks. Ford uses stark, land-fused nature that leave behind the foggy recollections in those billowing, distant clouds that shape, but not define, the overall scene.
Among the subdued but brilliant, monochromatic hues, it's important to note the turquoise glow that luminously blooms from the fallen birch. The expressive waters swirl around these boughs that seem to signify a symbol of rebirth, fresh starts and new horizons--far beyond what the eye can see.



Category: 30" x 40", Horizonal

Type: Original Painting