Artist Proof Squared 40x30 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Artist Proof Squared 40x30

Original painting in acrylics by Ford Smith  

This original painting, "Artist Proof Squared" (40"x30") exposes Ford Smith's "left brain/right brain" artistic mind with vivid imagination and uncanny precision.  

Did you know that while Ford demonstrated tremendous artistic abilities early in life and began painting at the age of 12, he entered college on a full-ride math scholarship?  It's true.  It wasn't until his sophomore year at Ole Miss that he took a calculus course and decided that theoretical math didn't make much sense to him.  He then headed to the art department and never looked back, graduating with a BFA in Painting in 1972.  

Ford's analytical mind collides with his wild and fantastical one in this remarkable original painting.  The myriad geometry and exactitude of the fractured reflections brilliantly balance the surreal and impressionist grove of signature Ford Smith trees.  Each mosaic houses layer upon layer of color and dimension.

Zoom in and spend some time studying the details!  The labor intensity was about as extreme as it gets in Ford's studio as he brought this compelling, avant-garde scene to life.  



Category: 40" x 30", landscapes

Type: Original Painting