Spontaneous Frost 48x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Spontaneous Frost 48x48

Let Ford’s imagination and artistic gift lead you through this geometric, winter wonderland that marked a milestone in his career.  Upon its debut in 2004, this painting was lauded by critics as one of the most sophisticated new paintings in the world.  Flawlessly complex with a myriad of winking, warmly-hued mosaics amidst the crackling chill of the blues, greens and whites, the viewer’s mind can both rest and ignite.  

As your eyes wander through the multitudinous, angular trees and perfect shadows, it is worth noting that Ford paints with no references.  Relying solely upon raw talent, imagination and memory, refined with a classical art education, Ford’s creative mind and uncanny, perfect perspective are free to take form on canvas with an ease reserved for masters.

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