Pure Energy 30x40 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Pure Energy 30x40

With a brilliant and incandescent aura, Ford Smith's "Pure Energy" infuses the viewer with waves of positive energy, featuring fantastical Ford Smith red trees against the spectacle of stratified skies. The abstracted waters are rendered exquisitely in his signature mosaics, and it’s easy to get lost in their energy and color play.  
Ford’s most labor-intensive work is displayed in these reflections as you witness layer upon layer of vivid paint housed within each individual mosaic, lending a solid foundation to this utopian scene. The star of the painting may very well be the glowing subtlety of the rising sun.  Ford shares the gleaming hope of this imaginative day with brilliant streaks of light – both in the sky and shining in the robust trees.  Resplendent with quiet intensity, this painting demonstrates Ford Smith's gift of pairing light with dramatic colors to create a sense of mingling peace and vitality.


Category: 30"x40"

Type: Original Painting