Perfect Storm 48 x 24 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Perfect Storm 48 x 24

Original Painting by Ford Smith  Acrylics on Canvas 48" x 24"

 In this original painting, Ford’s fascination with the dynamic shifts of light using iridescent paint is evidenced in surreal and mesmeric fashion. These shimmering and spellbinding paintings are the newest series from Ford and they can only be “fully” experienced through the original work.

You see, this painting has more than one viewing experience—in fact, there are many.

Directly facing the front of the painting, it’s a dreamy world of vivid light contrasting with berry-ripe reds, pinks, pastel, piney greens and sharp blacks that contrast a serendipitous day with an unexpected yet welcome rain shower of steely bright blues falling from the rich, metallic gold clouds. The intricately lackadaisical reflections on the water are an acre of abstracted effects that Ford created with a multitude of studio tools and materials.

Now...! When the viewer walks to the right of the painting you can see the light darken, shift and the entire focus and viewing experience changes. It’s another painting entirely from this variant angle (as shown here).

When a classically-educated painter with more than 50 years experience merges his equally versed, open and boundless imagination onto a canvas, you get Ford Smith’s “Perfect Storm”.


Category: 36" x 36", Square

Type: Original Painting