Pool of Thoughts - Ford Smith Fine Art

Pool of Thoughts

11" x 16.5"

Hand Signed and Numbered by Ford Smith, Limited Edition Miniature Giclee on Acid Free Art Paper.  

"Pool of Thoughts" was actually Ford's first real abstract painting, so it's a very special and important painting in his body of work.  

Fresh, captivating and with a hint of mysterious fun, this painting is an expressionist vision that could only be conceived in the imaginative mind and skilled hand of master artist Ford Smith.  

The geometric round trees that glow incandescently in the midnight sky absolutely captivate you, and they are reflected in what's akin to a swimming pool.  This was a departure for Ford, who normally incorporates reflections into lakes, oceans or streams - not man-made, as this one is.

The level of intricacy in the reflections is astonishing, with layer upon layer of mosaics and fractured colors.

Collections: Mini Editions on Paper

Category: 14.75" x 11", Paper

Type: Mini Paper

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