Out of the Clear Blue 40x30 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Out of the Clear Blue 40x30

Once you've seen this profoundly beautiful painting by Ford Smith, it's hard to imagine an art world without it.  

Illuminated by both the sun and moon, Ford holds that rare and enchanting moment when they both grace the atmosphere with radiance and mystery. He fragments thousands of shades of blues and greens with velvety shadows in soft grays and inky blacks, in a mosaic forest of embracing birches. He masterfully threads and dots the painting with shimmering silvers in the sinewy branches and buds, balanced by the delicate violets and sunlit yellows that define the tapestry of his forest floor.  

Balanced by land and sky, light and shadows, details and abstractions, this original painting enters the art scene with astonishing significance.  Arriving with a sense of spiritual provenance or maybe just... out of the clear blue.

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