Mood Swing 48 x 36 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Mood Swing 48 x 36

Original Painting by Ford Smith  Acrylics on Canvas 48" x 36"

The iridescent boughs of "Mood Swing" shine against the bright blue sky like royal jewels from a Renaissance era.  Luminous "coins" dab each fantastical tree in this stand with interchanging colors borrowed from others.  Standing in front of this painting like being visually transported to both a glorious future and bygone era.

The lower horizon of "Mood Swing" positively glistens with undulating texture and movement in the reflective waters.  Ford masterfully carved the grooving, liquid reflections with knives and rakes, in which the iridescent paint catches light and shines with the varying dimensions of paint.  

The transformative qualities of this spellbinding painting are among the most dramatic of the Iridescent Series.  Moving from left to right causes the the paint to transform before your eyes, changing from rich, brightly metallic hues to a pensive monochrome with subdued shades of what came before.   

This glorious painting is on exhibit at Ford Smith Fine Art in historic Roswell now.  Price includes custom, solid wood frame shown here.



Category: 36" x 36", Square

Type: Original Painting