Lunar Watch 48x24 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Lunar Watch 48x24

There is a magical time of day when the moon emerges against fading daylight, turning to twilight... cloaking the atmosphere in a mystical glow.  Ford Smith captures that fleeting, hypnotic aura in this beguiling new painting.  

Alternating sunset hues with velvety pinks and lavender, the billowing clouds cradle the moon above the misty blue mountains. You'll want to zoom in closer to experience the scarlet trees, where Ford scatters plaster granules across the boughs to create a ribald texture. Their byzantine trunks reach upward in a powerful show against the liquid blue, light-streaked skies.  

Art with the ability to thrill as it soothes is rare and wonderful experience, and "Lunar Watch" achieves that with brilliant ease.    

Gallery wrapped with 1.5” black painted sides.  Ready to exhibit.  

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