Lost Spring 24x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Lost Spring 24x48

Artist Proof. Hand embellished by Ford Smith (24"x48").  There are only ten. 

Reflecting this extraordinary era, Ford's first allegorical painting is one of the most significant works of art in his oeuvre.

Telling the story of 2020. This original painting cleverly and beautifully captures the unique social dynamics of the Lost Spring of 2020.
Set against a brooding background, a radiant palette of trees shouts optimism with a luminous horizon and radiant explosion of colors. As you get lost in the wild and intersecting reflections of the 6 foot socially-distanced trees. Like families contained, buoyant, spherical leaves are confined within. The effect is convivial calm, yet so very ready to break free in the vibrant, moving waters.

Look closely at the mountains...
The solemn story of loved ones lost can be seen in the mountains, surrounded by daisies. 

Art is shipped rolled in reinforced tube unless otherwise requested. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production. 

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