Let Freedom Ring 28x22 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Let Freedom Ring 28x22

Imagination ascends to new levels in this glorious work of art that could only come from the mind of Ford Smith.  Rife with meaning, the ascending red ribbons of this painting become stripes of the American flag as they reach for the north star.  Ford envisioned this Christmas tree a symbol for American veterans, surrounding and protecting our freedoms so ably, over and over again, year after year. 

The stars blanketing the distant mountains are representative of the American people, as the moon's gleaming, undeniable presence reminds us that we are one nation under God.   

 This painting is destined to become a patriotic holiday tradition enjoyed all year long.  

Ford creates just one Christmas painting each year, but he got so caught up in the concept of American Christmas that he decided to paint all of his ideas.  "Let Freedom Ring" is one of 3 paintings in the Ford Smith American Christmas series.