"La Dolce Vita In Concert" 64x42 - Ford Smith Fine Art

"La Dolce Vita In Concert" 64x42

This painting is a unique treasure in this incredible series of In Concert paintings.  Both Ford and Eddie literally recreated the lower half of Ford's "La Dolce Vita" on an archival giclee foundation, painting a rolling vineyard onto the surface that was originally a floral meadow. 

Eddie began this vision of ripening grapes and rustling leaves in acrylics and then brought the painting to Ford to assist him with the finish.  The two artists diligently worked together, painting together, to make it truly magnificent and then later Eddie proceeded to pour the resin, sculpt the glass, conferring with Ford on the painted pieces and finishing touches. 

Like two musicians sharing ideas and talent to create incredible music that stands the test of time, Ford and Eddie are "In Concert", creating art that does the very same. 

Ford Smith and Eddie Freeland working on La Dolce Vita In Concert