Halcyon Spring 40x40 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Halcyon Spring 40x40

Well, hello, spring!  As only the gifted mind of Ford Smith could imagine in this endlessly imaginative painting, "Halcyon Spring".  This original work of art (48"x48") memorializes those moments that create a surge in your heart as you bask in the natural beauty of life. 

There's so much to absorb in this painting.  First, your eyes linger and then rest along the rocky shore that features a profusion of kaleidoscopic wildflowers playing their intricate and mesmerizing role in this soft celebration.  

The predominant palette of softly shimmering greens and myriad blushes of pink are a harmonious setting for the purity of the emerging blue and lavender skies.  The thousands upon thousands of quivering and glimmering reflections are classic Ford Smith, drawing the viewer's eye through the meandering currents.  

Nearly every square inch of this magnificent painting is a new discovery.  

The original painting is available.  To view or acquire the 48"x48" original painting, click HERE

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