Hypnotic Approach 36 x 36 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Hypnotic Approach 36 x 36

Original Painting in Acrylics on Canvas 36" x 36"

Breath-taking in its distinction--in an exhibit of distinctive paintings from Ford--"Halcyon Approach" made its debut at our recent opening reception in Atlanta. Within 10 minutes of the show opening, it sold.  

The magic that lives within this iridescent pastel painting (a pastel palette from Ford Smith?) is it's remarkable ability to viscerally change colors so dramatically as you move around the art, allowing light and perspective to transfix the viewer.  This is many paintings residing in one.  

Ford will be experimenting with these iridescent pastels much further.  Stay tuned in to see how he'll work this magic next.   


Category: 30" x 40", Horizonal

Type: Original Painting