Gray Matters 24x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Gray Matters 24x48

Ford Smith pushes beyond his landscape boundaries and demonstrates continued artistic growth with this incredible painting that will ignite a new wildlife series in 2018. 

The original painting of elephants was commissioned by an avid Ford Smith collector who had a special affinity for them and wanted to see what Ford Smith would do with this new subject matter.  Ford accepted the commission and commenced studying elephants on documentaries, wild life shows and books to gain a mental imprint of their personalities, movements and intellect.  Because he never paints from any photograph or reference, preferring a 100% creative interpretation, this knowledge was integral to capturing the essence of this incredible animal.

Weaving characteristic mosaic elements into his kaleidoscope jungle, Ford creates this family of pachyderms and captures the leadership, loyalty, playfulness and kindness in this one expressionist scene.  It's a majestic tribute of mammoth proportions to one of nature's most wise and gentle creatures.  

"Gray Matters" matters to animals!  An avid animal lover himself, Ford donated the first Artist Proof of "Gray Matters" to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary located in Locust Grove, GA. 

Ford Smith Fine Art has also agreed to donate 10% of every limited edition sold in this limited edition series of 100 with 10 Artist Proofs (almost $20,000 total donations to the sanctuary).