Glowing Review - Ford Smith Fine Art

Glowing Review

11" x 14.75"

Hand Signed and Numbered by Ford Smith, Limited Edition Miniature Giclee on Acid Free Art Paper.  

Evoking a sense of powerful serenity, "Glowing Review" is classic Ford Smith at his finest.  Thousands of pulsing reflections pay homage to a dramatic atmospheric display - demonstrating a labor-intensive focus of palette knife work. 

When asked whether the sun is rising or setting, he doesn't commit to either.  Rather, he allows the viewer to feel the painting and interpret the day on their own.  The bejeweled reflections are a distinct variance from the luxurious brush work of the trees, mountains and skies.

With a human-like quality, the gentle tree branches reach out to one another as if they were an animated audience watching a show.  Ford's mastery of light is skillfully demonstrated with the sunlight's play upon the backlit trees and delicate bands of illuminated clouds.  Aptly named, this painting is among Ford's best-reviewed and most beloved works.

Collections: Mini Editions on Paper

Category: 14.75" x 11", Paper

Type: Mini Paper

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