Floating Ideas 36x36 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Floating Ideas 36x36

The intricate beauty of this new limited edition release seems to be the visual personification of promise, hope and fresh starts.  Feel your artistic sensibilities awakened with every gaze at this remarkable, soul-soothing painting. 

GALLERY SPECIAL!  We have the 1/100 of Beginning Today in the gallery that is stretched, gallery-wrapped with black-painted sides ($175 value) for the same price as the rolled canvas and free shipping in the USA!  Just choose "Hand Embellished" from the product drop-down menu, check out and we will send it on its way...!   

It's been several years since we opened an edition from Ford's "Splash" series and this is an endlessly intriguing one, isn't it? 



Category: 36"x36", Crimson Ovation

Type: Full Size Canvas Giclee