Energetic Breeze 40x50 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Energetic Breeze 40x50

Indulging an abstract inclination, Ford created this epic painting by taking his own classic elements and fragmenting them further - mixing unexpected colors and painting with a depth that almost seems illusional.  The mosaic leaves seem to vibrate on an imagined breeze, creating shifting, shimmering hues against a soft, sage-colored sky. 

Thousands of geometric angles and vertical lines establish a sense of order to what appears, at first, as a kind of controlled chaos. 

Beyond the foreground, Ford creates a haunting, hazy grove in the distance, drawing the viewer through the painting in classic Ford Smith style.  "Energetic Breeze" is a significant exhibition of his completely unique, invigorating imagination.  One of his most intricate, time-consuming paintings to produce, it is also one of Ford's personal favorites.

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