Down To Earth 36x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Down To Earth 36x48

A significant new achievement in Ford's oeuvre that reaffirms his status as one of the world's top artists. We were blown away by the geometric, quilted waters, rife with texture. They reflect those hypnagogic, spinning worlds with uncanny precision and accuracy, flinging abstract energy with orbital abandon.
In a calming turn, Ford then tethers them to earth with strong and thriving bases. Ford uses iridescent paints on the billowing background of frosty clouds and sky above the shining hills of mossy green and purple majesty.

It's the rare artist who has the ability to use both left and right brain thinking, and Ford is one of them. It's evidenced in every square inch of this fascinating work of art. Zoom in to fully appreciate the details.

We’d always hoped he’d revisit his own abstract expressionist "Cosmic Arbor" series and we're glad we waited. Fresh palette, new perspective and over a decade of experience is reflected in this incredible work of art.

Gallery wrapped with black-painted sides and ready to exhibit.

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