Distant Memory - Ford Smith Fine Art

Distant Memory

11"x 11"

Hand Signed and Numbered by Ford Smith, Limited Edition Miniature Giclee on Acid Free Art Paper.  "Distant Memory" is Sold Out in regular-size edition on canvas of 100 and is now only available as a miniature on paper.

Few paintings have ventured into the mystery and incandescent aura of Ford’s work the way Distant Memory has.  The notable reds in the trees are classic Ford, but he’s emerging a “pomegranate” red that evinces a magical, magenta hue. 

Contrasting against those suspenseful, smooth skies of steely greys and blues, the effect is nothing less than commanding for the viewer.  Supporting these elements are waters rendered so exquisitely in mosaics, it’s easy to get lost in their energy and color play.  Ford’s most labor-intensive work is displayed in these reflections as you witness layer upon layer of vivid paint housing each single mosaic.

The star of the painting, though, may well be the glowing subtlety of the descending sun.  He shares with you the last minutes of this imaginative day with the last shards of light – both in the sky and gleaming against leaves of the trees.  Resplendent with quiet intensity, this painting demonstrates Ford’s unique gift of pairing light with dramatic colors to create a sense of mingling peace and vitality.

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Category: 14.75" x 11", Paper

Type: Mini Paper

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