Moon Rush 36 x 48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Moon Rush 36 x 48

Original Painting in Acrylics on Canvas 36" x 48"

This work of art was one of the stars of our recent grand opening event, transfixing and enthralling viewers with it's sweeping, gleaming skies and shifting perspectives as the moonlight worked it's magic across the entire canvas.

Ford has created a ground-breaking series of paintings that actually transform as you physically move from one side to another. The viewer actually witnesses the fascinating metamorphosis of light, subject matter and color. The collector experiences more than one painting.

Color? Yes. There are small and subtle applications of blue that Ford cleverly weaves into "Moon Rush". You see them traipsing up the trees, skipping across the flowing river and settling on the rocky edge. They quietly add a modicum of drama alongside the silver, whites, endless shades of grey and inky blacks--a novel and striking element that is signature Ford Smith vision. His ability to have them virtually hide at certain angles of viewing are nothing short of genius.

This transformative and creative experience is a signature attribute of this inspirational series that is already predicted to be a classic from Ford.


Category: 30" x 40", Horizonal

Type: Original Painting