Autumn Spark 48x36 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Autumn Spark 48x36

With it's soaring and dramatic skies staging the fiery display, this painting is distinctive even if it wasn't the painting that took 12 years to create--but it is. 

Imagine Autumn Spark without the feature tree in the foreground, and you'll see some of Ford's earliest work, characterized by a dominant, ascending sky and tree-lined horizon. This painting began in 2003 and Ford set it aside and it accidentally got stored away, only to be discovered 12 years later. Ford's style had evolved and he decided it would provide the perfect backdrop to an animated, dynamic feature, shimmering in vibrant reds, oranges and golds.  So the painting that began in 2003 was finished in 2015, and it's evident that this masterpiece was definitely worth the wait.  

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