Working Capital 24x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Working Capital 24x48

This waterfront scene received this interpretation from an admiring collector, "I imagine it to be a bustling city in the thirties. I see Gary Cooper, a mogul, lean, tall and impeccably suited in grey wool, casually strolling through the meandering streets that weave the city, tightly together with no sight of any misdeeds. Crime free. He's on top of the world - a world delightfully dominated by this city called Ford." 

(gallery wrapped with black painted sides - ready to exhibit)

Ford Smith's Cityscape Series...

Watch Ford Smith as he detours into the city.  Which city?  Any city, really, as these scenes are created solely in his mind using his near-photographic memory to recall urban elements.  He abstracts, orders and conceives a fantastical metropolitan perspective unlike any other. 

A skyscraper from Atlanta, a borough from New York, a billboard from Dallas, neon from Times Square, a tower from London... a Ford Smith cityscape is both nostalgic and awe-inspiring.  

You might assume a cityscape is the exact opposite of Ford's landscapes, where nature playing the starring role.  But there are many similarities that he's reveling in with these metropolitan paintings.  Light, reflections, geometry and celestial skies... all descriptions of trademark Ford Smith's distinctive style of landscape interpretations.  You know it's Ford Smith as his style resonates clearly within each of these new paintings.  As one collector described, "Only Ford Smith could make a city look organic".    

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