The Dream Within 36x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

The Dream Within 36x48

Where are you, Ford Smith? Here, there and everywhere in this painting that is a dream-worthy amalgam of Ford Smith paintings. Ford reached new heights of depth in this alluring painting that seems to reveal secrets as it's hiding them.

Your captivated eyes travel delightfully through "The Dream Within" and it’s fascinating revelations. The Byzantine trees in the foreground converge with animated detail in a striking palette of blues, greens and purples, contrasting seamlessly against the bright warmth of the scene beyond. The visual journey through these trees fills you with a sense of mystery and awe, stimulating your senses as your attention drifts to the fiery mosaic boughs and classic Ford Smith trees converging just beyond. At last your eyes travel across the placid waters and rest upon the glorious sunrise radiating joy and promise.  

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