Lost Spring 24x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Lost Spring 24x48

The spring of 2020 has been one that will be remembered for the ages, and yet, like every springtime since the dawn of time, the flowers bloom and the world becomes beautiful as nature works her magic!

This timely original painting from Ford Smith, perfectly captures the unique social dynamics of the Lost Spring of 2020. 
Set against a brooding and introspective background, a radiant palette of trees shouts optimism with a luminous horizon and radiant explosion of colors!

As you get lost in the wild and intersecting reflections of the properly socially-distanced trees... buoyant, spherical leaves contained within. The experience is one of convivial calm, yet so very ready to break free.  

Look closely at the mountains...
You'll discover the solemn story of loved ones lost among the daisies. 

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