Gilded Heights 24x36 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Gilded Heights 24x36

The gleaming, astonishing beauty of "Gilded Heights" sweeps the viewer into a timeless tale of an enduring and faraway city above the sea.  A visual story so vast it seems to live beyond the mere confines of the canvas. 

Stroll along the tree-lined path with Ford and revel in the near-and-far panorama he's imagined here. Absorb the mirrored, sun-washed beach of soft mosaics waving beneath golden rocks and falling wisteria. Then follow the road to town and beyond. To the pastel clouds traipsing from afar, to the jumble of dark and shining rocks studding the near.  

Ford has never created anything quite like this remarkable painting. While it still resonates "Ford Smith" with subtle abstractions and vibrant colors co-mingling in a landscape of the imagination, every now and then he "gets out of his own head" and fully indulges a creative impulse of a different approach.  

And oh! With a treasure like "Gilded Heights", how grateful we are when he does. 

Gallery wrapped and ready to exhibit. 24"x 36"

Collections: Original Paintings

Category: 24" x 36"

Type: Original Painting

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