Revealing Ford's Personal Collection of Art

March 14, 2017

Revealing Ford's Personal Collection of Art

While Ford finishes up several new paintings this week then begins a couple of large commissions, we thought it would be fun to share a few Ford Smith paintings from our personal collection we are now making available. We begin with a spectacular 48"x48" original Bloomscape titled, "Free-Thinking Spirits".

One of Ford's premier Bloomscape paintings, "Free-Thinking Spirits" merges jubilant blooms, hushed still life and his trademark red trees, creating this stunningly beautiful and hypnotic mixed media original painting.

The dimension is extraordinary in every way, beginning with the foreground of reflected blooms and shadowy mixed media planters, to the dreamy, obsidian background fading behind the liquified turquoise sky. Meanwhile, the sunshine-infused colors in the joyously precise flowers positively radiate good cheer and unity. Allow your eyes to rest on the details of this brilliant painting as you lose yourself in it's dramatically alluring message.

This Ford Smith original painting includes a gorgeous Larson Juhl custom 4" dark wood moulding frame with a wide, gold fillet.

Acquire it here or message directly to make this painting yours.…/free-thinking-spirits-48x48