New work in progress...

June 22, 2016

New work in progress...

Ford is back in the studio and it's clear that the past few days have impacted him. Artists are often at their most raw and exposed best when emotion influences their art, and it's evidenced here.

With the funeral of Ford's father this weekend, a heightened sentiment was clearly infused in this commissioned Human Nature painting that he has been creating for weeks.

Today he brought forward a profound soulfulness as he concentrated on the celebration of life, friendship and all he holds dear.


Can you see the faces of friends? The figures? Can you find the face of his beloved Boston Terrier, Belle, in this emerging and evolving painting that marks an epic period in his life?

This original painting is not yet finished, but it's already an important and pivotal painting in Ford's oeuvre and thought our friends would want to share in its evolving creation.

Thank you for sharing his dream.