Ford's Blue Period

April 23, 2017

Ford's Blue Period

A glimpse into Ford Smith's studio today reveals that he is entering his own Blue Period.  His famed Monochrome series is revisited (yay!) on the left with accents of brilliant blues wherever Ford sees them.  

As Ford evokes rushing water and sunlight dancing and reflecting on river, rocks and trees, it's notable that Ford is using no references while painting here, per usual.  He depends solely upon his extraordinary and near-photographic memory along with unbridled imagination.  

The question of how he is able to create light and perspective so perfectly is often asked, and there is no better answer than it's part of his genius, combined with his 25-year former photography career, where he studied light and composition on a level that is very rare for a painter.  

The fascinating and beautiful work on the right is Ford's first orchid-theme and it's going to emerge as one of his most exciting.  There is a story behind this divergent painting that we will reveal when the painting has been completed.  He's literally in the midst of his creative journey here, but you might already recognize it's emerging greatness.  

Stay tuned to watch the magic of these two brilliant paintings evolve.

P.S.  Yes, that painting on the wall beyond the easel is a self-portrait titled, "Ford on Ice", which is his version of himself cryogenically frozen.  Ford has always expressed a desire to live forever, so on an entirely different level, this painting grants himself immortalization.  .