Ford Smith... His latest masterpiece

March 30, 2017

Ford Smith... His latest masterpiece

A grand and sweeping masterpiece by any measure, "Sundown Montage" is one of the artist's most notable new works, resonating with Ford Smith signature expressionism and debuting radiantly serene elements that bend categorization toward any singular art movement.

Ford's earliest landscapes are characterized by big sky views that shared the canvas in equal or dominant measure with land, trees and water.  Tapping his own history, he revisits this here with a heart-stopping, vibrant atmosphere of contrasting feathered clouds and dramatic light that exalts the last minutes of a perfect day.

Make sure you zoom in for a close up viewing of details because "Sundown Montage" is one of the first paintings by Ford Smith to feature bucolic architecture nestled among the trees and along the banks of the undulating, kaleidoscope waters.  Ford's extraordinary instinct to amalgamate the abstract with the actual are an astonishing revelation in this epic painting, as he swirls his signature mosaics in geometric animation.  

The mathematical precision and harmonious anarchy of these waters demonstrate Ford's right-brain/left brain approach to nature.  The fact that he creates his art without use of references, studies or sketches makes it even more remarkable.  

Everything that makes Ford Smith one of the world's most respected and beloved artists is evidenced in this original painting that may well be one of the greatest landscapes available for acquisition today.  

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