Ford Smith and the Anniversary Celebration

October 16, 2016

Ford Smith and the Anniversary Celebration

Oh, what a night!  Friday night (Oct 14) was our spectacular Anniversary Show celebrating our newest gallery location right on Canton Street in Roswell, Georgia and it was a Ford Smith reception to remember (Ford, Cristi and daughter, Hilary shown here).  Wow! 


Ford created one his most diversely exciting exhibits ever, delving into surreal territory with masterful aplomb.  To wit, the benevolently intense "Soul Penetration" original painting was the first acquisition among many at the show.  This painting marks the beginning of a new series for Ford, which is always exciting.  The imagination and masterful skill it took to paint this landscape portrait attention impressed everyone at the show.  Communicating emotion amidst the brilliant icy blues capped with blazing fiery reds-- it was a stand-out favorite original painting for many attendees in this epic show.  With great anticipation we await the next painting in this series.  


Another star of the the evening... "Grand Entrance" was sold during the show preview, but nearly everyone wanted a photograph in front of the magnificent glory of this 72"x84" original painting.  It was easy for viewers to get lost in the myriad shimmering details of this vast work of art from Ford Smith.  It's stunning presence will be missed in the gallery when it is shipped to it's collectors next month.    

We want to thank all of our loyal collectors and patrons who continue to be instrumental in making Ford Smith Fine Art's first year in this Canton Street location such a tremendous success.  After a 3-year hiatus to travel, it feels wonderful to return to the area that launched Ford's art career 15 years ago.  Ford lives and paints just 3 miles from this location, so this hip and historical area has been our "backyard" for over 20 years.  In his signature gallery, Ford feels the freedom to follow creative instincts, take chances and spread his creative wings with complete abandon.  

There truly aren't many artists who can command an entire gallery by themselves, but for Ford Smith and his varied series of brilliant landscapes (and beyond), it comes naturally.  

For me, I love having this stage for his work.  We operate the gallery more or less as an exclusive showroom, with more limited hours than standard retail, and the space also serves as my office for the day-to-day business of Ford Smith Fine Art internationally.  

It never gets old listening to the exclamations of joy, awe and appreciation when people enter the Ford Smith Fine Art gallery for the first--or 20th--time.  Sharing Ford's gift is hardly a job for me;  it's one of my greatest pleasures and feels more like a life reward.  

  "Display of Affection" 36"x24"

  "Soft Spoken" 36"x24"

There's so much more we'll share with you from this show, so check out Ford's original paintings next week as we receive our official photographs of the art.  Also, I'll be debuting the new show originals on the "Ford Smith Fine Art" Facebook page.  

So now Ford will be taking a break from painting for a couple of weeks, gathering inspiration, working around the house, organizing his studio and engaging in other mostly non-painting activities.  

I'm sure you share my anticipation wondering what Ford will create next.

Cheers and gratitude to all of you...