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Ford Smith on CBS 46 News!

by Cristina Smith April 14, 2020

Ford Smith on CBS 46 News!

Click HERE to watch the Ford Smith news segment!

What a day!  CBS 46 Atlanta featured Ford Smith and his popular public “Daily Art Escape” on April 9th.
Ford recognized that people need to experience art--now more than ever.  With museums and galleries closed indefinitely, he became inspired to share.  So he created a public exhibit in his own driveway that where he exhibits a new painting daily for neighbors and admirers during the CoronaVirus shutdown.  The response has been sensational and so immensely rewarding to this artist, with growing numbers of visitors from all over Atlanta.
The local news got wind of Ford's Daily Art Escape and arrived to shoot a feature for on their "Messages of Hope" segment. 
The love and support from the neighborhood and surrounding ATL community was on full display—THANK YOU!  You were the inspiration for this exhibit in the first place. 
Ford was a rockstar, as we might have expected, and the TV crew was here filming for well over an hour, asking excellent and in-depth questions of this artist who is providing a beautiful art experience to others in this unsettling shelter-in-place era.
Check out the first 10 days of Ford Smith's "Daily Art Escape"...
Ford Smith Daily Art Escape - Day One      Ford Smith Daily Art Escape - Day Three  Ford Smith Daily Art Escape       Ford Smith Daily Art Escape - Day One   Ford Smith Daily Art Escape    Ford Smith Daily Art Escape    Ford Smith Daily Art Escape   Ford Smith Daily Art Escape   
CBS 46 Atlanta also interviewed Ford as he painted in his studio for even more television-worthy gems, along with deeper insight into Ford’s talent and career.  
   artist Ford Smith on the news   
Every day a new "Daily Art Escape" painting is posted to social media.  Be sure to follow Ford Smith Fine Art on Facebook, and @artfordsmith on Instagram and Twitter.  
Artist Ford Smith and his Daily Art Escape during the CoronaVirus shutdown
Here is the post from April 13th...
Day 10: “Out of the Clear Blue” 40x30
Ford poses with his two lovely assistants, Lola and Billie Jean today.
More than ever, people need the soul-soothing power of art in their lives. So while museums and galleries are closed, Ford and I thought our neighborhood families would enjoy their own daily public exhibit as they walk around the lake. A new painting (with art description) will be introduced every day, weather permitting.
We hope you enjoy this “Daily Art Escape” by world-renowned artist and Roswell resident, Ford Smith!
Children are welcome, and it’s a great art lesson for home-schooling.
Be well, everyone!
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Cristina Smith
Cristina Smith


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