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July 03, 2016

Spiritual Connection by Ford Smith

The "Spiritual Connection" in this new original painting from the endlessly evolving Human Nature series. Here Ford conjures and reveals the quiet elation of pre-destined souls colliding. Within the barely-contained confines of the canvas, the gentle strength of uniting spirits is palpable. Bridging divides, holding each other up, sharing life, finding common ground and rooted by love... This painting is a visual love story.

Balancing the emotive subject matter is the equally arresting palette of brilliant, earth-inspired colors found within--and far beyond nature. Let the imaginative aura and details of "Spiritual Connection" wash over you and remind you of the soothing peace and inner strength that comes from a life well-loved.

"Spiritual Connection" Original painting by Ford Smith. 10"x20" plus dark wood custom frame with silver filet is offered for $1600.
Contact us at, message directly or call 678-908-1989 for acquisition. A painting of this caliber (all Human Nature originals are sold) and price from Ford won't be available for very long, so if this is your painting, we encourage you to do it now.