"Point of YOU" show on Friday, Feb. 26th

February 19, 2016

"Point of YOU" show on Friday, Feb. 26th

Get ready, Atlanta!  We are beyond excited to unveil this stunning and groundbreaking new show from Ford just one week from today.  Dozens of new original paintings from Ford will be unveiled during this transformative show.  You've experienced nothing like this breath-taking art exhibit brought to you by Roswell's own, world-class artist, Ford Smith.  

"Season Pass" Original painting in acrylics by Ford Smith  36"x48"

"Point of You" Opening Reception
Ford Smith Fine Art Gallery - 980 Canton Street in Roswell, GA
Friday, Feb. 26th
pm - 9 pm
You are invited to this opening celebration of incredible art 
with Ford Smith in attendance,
music, fabulous cocktails and delectables.  
RSVP are requested to attend:  info@fordsmithfineart.com
or call 678-908-1989

This unique artistic experience is shaped by your own perspective.
From wherever you move or stand, these new Ford Smith iridescent paintings visually transition to a different experience.  

 Colorful, iridescent palettes shift and move, dramatically transforming the mood as you move to the right or left of the painting.  Pensive monochrome landscapes metamorphose into scenes of tempestuous grays highlighted by pearlescent hues pulsing with light. 

 The artist who reinvented landscapes has done it again.  

Join us for this groundbreaking artist reception!

The New Ford Smith Gallery at 980 Canton Street, Roswell, GA

Also from Ford... New original paintings and limited edition releases will be presented from the Bloomscape series, Human Nature and Ford's classic Mosaics.  

"Spontaneous Applause" Original painting in acrylics from Ford Smith's Bloomscape series  36"x48"