First Ford Smith Show of 2016 "Point of You" is February 26th! - Ford Smith Fine Art

First Show of 2016 "Point of You" is February 26th!

by Cristi Smith January 01, 2016

Save the date!  On this special Friday night, the Ford Smith Gallery will proudly debut "Point of You", the new show featuring original paintings from Ford as he delves further into the sensational and signature series of paintings from the Iridescent and Monochrome Series.

His recent fascination with dynamic shifts of light using iridescent paints will be evidenced in surreal and mesmeric fashion here. These shimmering and spellbinding paintings are the newest original series from Ford that can only be fully experienced through the original work.

You see, these paintings have more than one viewing experience—in fact, there are many.

For example, in this painting, directly facing the front of the art, it’s a dreamy world of vivid light contrasting with berry-ripe reds, pinks, pastel, piney greens and sharp blacks that contrast a serendipitous day with an unexpected yet welcome rain shower of steely bright blues falling from the rich, metallic gold clouds. The lackadaisical reflections on the water are an acre of abstracted effects that Ford created with a multitude of studio tools and materials.  This is one view.

Now...!  When the viewer walks to the right of the painting you can see the light darken, shift and the entire focus, appearance and viewing changes. It’s another painting from this variant angle.  The phrase "seeing is believing" is personified by this experience.  

The first painting from this series (shown here) was "Hypnotic Approach" and debuted at the gallery's grand opening reception.  It was nestled among the monochrome paintings (which also possess some of these light shifting qualities), and was red-dotted almost immediately by a savvy collector.  Viewers spent the rest of the evening walking around the painting in endless fascination of the transformations as they changed viewing perspectives.  

This ground-breaking suite of paintings has the art world abuzz as Ford pushes the boundaries of landscapes again.  This is an unmatched, dynamic and historical art experience you won't want to miss.  

For those of you who love Ford's signature and "classic" vibrantly-colored landscapes, never fear!  Ford will not abandon that style or palette.  Those paintings will also be featured at the show.  The spring show for 2016 will focus on his return with a fresh eye and perspective.

Opening reception for "Point of You" at the Ford Smith Gallery with Ford in attendance Friday, February 26 from 6:30-9pm.  #fordsmith #roswellart #fordsmithgalleryopening #artfordsmith 

Ford Smith Fine Art Showroom & Gallery - 980A Canton Street, Roswell, GA. 

Cristi Smith
Cristi Smith


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