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The Ford Smith Gallery Returns to a New Location in Roswell!

by Cristi Smith September 30, 2015

 We're back, Roswell!   Ford and I are thrilled to announce that the Ford Smith Gallery has returned to a fabulous, new location just steps from our former gallery.  

This New Ford Smith Gallery is now officially open!  Located right next to The Canton St Antiques Market (formerly Lola's Fine Art & Gifts) at 980 Canton Street.

It's a homecoming after 3 years of traveling to other galleries and touring.  We can't help but be so happy to return to our gallery roots.  We're never better than when we're meeting with the people for whom Ford's extraordinary paintings resonate with most.  It's been gratifying (and a complete blast) reconnecting with our fellow merchants in the area, too.  

We spent the past week painting, adding a few walls and sprucing up this prime location for the return of Roswell's most famous and favorite artist, Ford Smith.  

The Grand Opening Reception is scheduled for October 23rd, and the festivities will flow through the weekend.  To receive an invitation, please email us at or call us at 678-908-1989 and let us know the number in your party.  

For this debut, we are pulling out all of the stops. Vibrantly beautiful new paintings among the most incredible of his career, fabulous limited editions, gift items and... as a fan of Ford's, you will not want to miss Ford's brilliantly pensive MONOCHROME EXPRESSIONIST series...  

The artist who brought you radiant color as you've never experienced has created a pensive interpretation of his landscapes with black and white acrylics.  As much as you love the colorful nature of his work, you'll also be drawn into the subtle repose and masterful composition of these paintings.  

We will be at this location for 5 months and while continuing to explore other locations in the area (and all of Atlanta) for our next extended "pop-up" gallery experience.  

This invigorating and leading-edge retail concept combines a dynamic brick-and-mortar strategy, special exhibits, visiting artist shows, social media, and online presence that is termed "omni channel".  It is sweeping major cities around the world with luxury brands, fine art galleries and boutiques.  Essentially, we bring the gallery to various communities like a museum exhibit might travel. For us to be able to begin this concept in our own backyard with our longtime friends, patrons and collectors is serendipity.  

We look forward to seeing you!  






Cristi Smith
Cristi Smith


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