End of Year Wrap Up...

December 09, 2014

I have to get used to the idea of a “blog” as opposed to an article, newsletter or novel. I understand the rules for blogging are different, as is the mindset. Namely, shorter entries with more frequency. I’ve come to understand that if you’re really going to embrace the spirit of a blog, you’ve got to adhere to those two simple mandates. To date, I have not mastered them. But with the new year ahead, I’ve decided that it’s a worthy goal.

To that end, Sunday will be the official day that the Ford Smith Fine Art blog will be updated. As a former advertising professional, deadlines mean something to me, and the lack of them apparently sends it’s own subconscious message. Like procrastination. So let’s see how it goes with a weekly deadline and hopefully I’ll get into the rhythm of brief and frequent posting.

You might wonder what there could be to say every week, but you’re following an artist who accomplishes a great deal in 7 days. He is constantly musing, pontificating, reflecting or doing something noteworthy in his artistic or personal life that are worth recording and reading. New paintings, discussion of new work, musings, ideas, personal and professional events as well as Ford’s general whereabouts and inspirations for the week will be the touchstone for what gets discussed. I hope that you’ll visit every week to see what’s happening in Ford’s world, and I’ll do my best to make the experience both entertaining and informative. I welcome your feedback.


Right now, Ford is immersing himself in the “low country” of Hilton Head Island, SC. As is customary for Ford, he likes to travel someplace following a big show. He had been painting up a storm for the Vinings Gallery show at the end of last month, creating some of the finest paintings of his career. Spend some time absorbing the provocative and glorious “Earthly Pleasures”, the new Human Nature painting, along with the rain‐themed, “Into Every Life”. There were so many new paintings that seemed to perfect upon styles for which he is best‐known. Long time patrons are enjoying this era of Ford Smith paintings as he hones his craft while loosening his imagination even further.

So now it’s time to break from the studio and truly feel nature again. Kayaking, biking and walking miles and miles every day has been the itinerary, and as his head is filled with these stunning visuals, he’ll set up his easel next week and see what happens between his mind, paint and canvas. Always an exciting time for an artist and the people who appreciate the art.

Ford loves the idea that he can paint anywhere and often does. We always make sure that wherever we go there is room for a makeshift “studio”. When inspiration hits, it makes sense to be ready. He still can’t believe that he gets to paint for a living. It was a fantasy of his for the first 50 years of his life, so he rarely views his “job“ as work. As Ford says, “Of course, I’ll never retire. I get to do what most people dream of doing in their retirement.” Besides, being an artist means living a creative life. There is no “I’m done now” when you’re blessed with talent and have the soul of an artist.

We’re also using this time in Hilton Head to do the business of art. We’re planning new shows, business directions and media strategies that should be exciting for everyone. As these ideas take shape, we’ll be sharing them with Ford’s fans first. We’re pursuing more opportunities for Ford to connect with his you, so keep in touch to see when and if he’ll be “popping up” at a show near you. We’ll also be more directly involved with Ford’s public relations, so you’ll be seeing more of him across varying media.

I’m stopping now! In the spirit of blogging brevity, and saving something for next week, we’ll close for today.

But before I go, please know that Ford (and I) are continuously inspired by the open and generous nature of people like you who feel the connection to his art. We appreciate every day that you’re on this journey with us.