Wild Impulse 24x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Wild Impulse 24x48

We introduce you to one of Ford's favorite paintings, "Wild Impulse" (24x48) that is now available as a brand new limited edition release!

"Wild Impulse" is an untamed melange of abstracted, efflorescent perfection. Take a moment or two with this sensual Bloomscape and let it continue to reveal itself to you. Ford layered flowers, vines, splashes and geometry in a heated palette that emanates a lush vitality.
Click and zoom in close and experience it's brilliant abstract nature--so different from the captivating view across the room. Each perspective will infuse you with an energized wonder as your eyes dance from bloom to bloom and hue to hue.


Category: 24" x 48", Bloomscapes, Horizonal

Type: Full Size Canvas Giclee