Spectrum of Ideas 24x18

"Spectrum of Ideas" is the third and final painting from Ford's recent foray into his captivating and surreal series, "Hue•Topia". 
This new original is a perfect brew of trademark elements and inspirations that made him a world-renowned landscape painter. It's fresh, contemporary groove also reflects his continued, explorative journey deeper into his favorite subject matter.

With a palette of sunlight traveling through a prism, Ford creates a sentry of iconic trees against a tumultuous, bluesy sky and deep green stand of classic Ford Smith trees. Characterized by wild precision, he re-imagines the trees in the abstract, effecting a byzantine and orderly world of mosaics, each housing layers of color.

Did you know that Ford started college in 1968 with a full-ride scholarship in Mathematics? He later switched his major to Fine Art and graduated with a degree in Painting, so his artistic vision and style of painting uses both the right and left sides of his brain.

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