Spectrum of Ideas 24x18 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Spectrum of Ideas 24x18

"Spectrum of Ideas" is the third and final painting from Ford's recent foray into his captivating and surreal series, "Hue•Topia". 
This new original is a perfect brew of trademark elements and inspirations that made him a world-renowned landscape painter. It's fresh, contemporary groove also reflects his continued, explorative journey deeper into his favorite subject matter.

With a palette of sunlight traveling through a prism, Ford creates a sentry of iconic trees against a tumultuous, bluesy sky and deep green stand of classic Ford Smith trees. Characterized by wild precision, he re-imagines the trees in the abstract, effecting a byzantine and orderly world of mosaics, each housing layers of color.

Did you know that Ford started college in 1968 with a full-ride scholarship in Mathematics? He later switched his major to Fine Art and graduated with a degree in Painting, so his artistic vision and style of painting uses both the right and left sides of his brain.

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