Serenity Pines 40x30 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Serenity Pines 40x30

 The forces of nature that soothe and elevate the senses commingle with immaculate grace in this exquisite and thoroughly original painting.  Allow the art to move your mind's eye through the infinite details and glide toward the light and atmospheric energy that build like a crescendo, hovering buoyantly against the drifting sky.  Some paintings simply "happen" to the viewer, creating an emotional bond and indelible impression.  In it's brief period of existence, "Serenity Pines" is one of them.  

The original painting, "Serenity Pines" is available at Ashley's Fine Art Gallery in Fuquay-Varina, NC.  For acquisition information, call 919-552-7533 or visit

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