Rainbow Connection 36 x 24

"Rainbow Connection" emerges from Ford's easel with a discernible grace and heart-filled passion. It presents itself as though you'd feel it's vibrant aura for miles.

Yet while this original painting is classic Ford Smith, with it's skyward red trees, radiant light and detail that seem to draw you through the canvas, it is singularly significant on an entirely different level...

As a fan of his art, you know that Ford is famous for creating inspirational and masterful paintings, but his work doesn't typically reflect a message or commentary on current events.
However, in this particular painting, Ford was influenced by the hopeful colors of the LGBT symbol of unity. He ultimately composed this painting as tribute to his friends, collectors and colleagues who have struggled, lead and triumphed toward a more equal and connected society.

Collections: Original Paintings

Category: 36" x 24", Vertical

Type: Original Painting

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