"Past Life In Concert" Original Ford - Ford Smith Fine Art

"Past Life In Concert" Original Ford

If your heart is set on a Ford Smith original painting as the foundation, here you are.  Ford chose his own original painting from the Monochrome series for this very rare In Concert collaboration with Eddie Freeland.  

"Past Life In Concert" is an entirely new experience with this brilliant original painting.  Both artists quickly discovered the reflective glass sculpting is an ideal interpretation of Ford's Monochrome series, lending a refracted and luminous expression of the art. 

Eddie performed his sculptural magic atop the recycled glass using actual silver leaf along with acrylic paints.  "Past Life In Concert" is an arresting jewel of an original painting with dancing light, intrigue and beauty that positively dazzles the viewer.  

30"x40" outer dimension and a depth of about 1.5" that includes the stretched canvas and glass. 1" deep stretched canvas with black painted sides.  

There is only one.


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