Party Atmosphere 24x36

Ford Smith's new original painting, "Party Atmosphere" (24"x36") has such a captivating joie de vivre that you feel the positive energy wash over you in your very first glance. These inviting and happy blooms are so rife with texture, dimension and layers of color that your eyes remain on this original painting, engaged and enchanted by their convivial display. Ford creates a cerulean iridescent sky in tribute to their carefree nature.
Beneath the blooms, Ford has bright sunbeams dapple and play in the shadows, showcasing the delicate grace of the tiny flowers clustered on the garden floor. Notice the subtle, dreamy Ford Smith tree line behind the blooms in pale teals and every shade of blue you can envision.
Now imagine this original Ford Smith in your home, serving as your own personal mood lifter to enjoy each and every day of your life.   

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